"In the last days, the Word and the Spirit must come together".

The greatest purpose of The APOSTLES’ Handbook is to provide you, the end time saint, with a real understanding on how to walk with God - in the power (of the Baptism) of the Holy Spirit – according to the Word of God.

It is no small secret (now) that the pentecostal 'Toronto blessing' disaster was brought about by well meaning Christians who made the fateful decision to dive head long into the spirit realm WITHOUT the Word of God. The results were predictable and many a Christian found themselves becoming opened up to the demonic world.

The Word and the operation of the Spirit must agree. God will never contradict Himself and so His Scriptural Words explaining His principles of operating with His Holy spirit must be observed.

It is a well known fact that Smith Wigglesworth spent years and years in the Word learning these lessons after he was baptised in the Spirit in 1908. Smith was one of the most successful evangelists of the 20th Century. The APOSTLES' Handbook began as a six year study almost excusively on this man until God led the auther back to the Scriptures in the year 2000. For the next three years God revealed the Scripture that finally led to the true understanding on how Smith Wigglesworth, and the N.T. apostles walked with God in the power of His holy Spirit.

Enter the spirit realm without the Word of God at your own peril;
Or enter the Holy Spirit Realm with the Word of God and reap a great harvest of souls.


                          A  BOOK  SUMMARY  OF  EACH  CHAPTER

 A.  An Introduction.

The APOSTLES’ Handbook - is a first of its kind in over 1,700 years. 

It is the first book in existence today that can truly explain - how Jesus and the apostles were able to ‘walk in the Supernatural Realm of the Holy Spirit’.

We know that Jesus ( God the Son ) came to die for our sins - but He also came to teach us how to walk with Him (God) personally - ‘in the Spirit’.  So that every Christian disciple can walk with Him intimately and become 100% Christ like - as we are mentored by Him personally, moment by moment, and so that we can be led by Him - into all truth.

Jesus taught the apostles these things and they walked in the power of His Spirit in Acts. They, in turn, then taught the new Christians these same things. This explains the many miracles, the prayer of faith, the hearing of the Spirit's Voice that was so openly practiced within the early (ekklesia) churches. 

Being led by Christ's Spirit, as Philip was led to witness to the eunuch, was the normal biblical Way of life for those early Christians.

In 1994 I came across my first book about a man called Smith Wigglesworth (1859-1948 ). In 1908 Smith received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as on the day of Pentecost and for the next 40 years he developed and grew into a mighty servant of God who walked in the Power of God ‘s Spirit.
Through Smith, God blazed a Holy Spirit trail of miraculous healings that included delivering the insane from their tormentors, raising the dead, healing cancers and reforming the deformed bodies of cripples.

And so, with Smith’s testimonial books ( along with many other evangelists of the 20th Century ) I saw that it is 100% possible TODAY, to walk with our Lord Jesus Christ in the same intimacy - that the apostles did in the book of Acts.

Thus began my 10 year long prayer & research work to uncover the lost biblical secrets of how to walk in the Spirit with God. Around about 2004 the work finally came to its completion thanks to the direct helping Hand of my Lord and in 2007 the first edition was published.

 B.  Evangelism by the Book.
               Evangelism is at a very low ebb at the moment. I do believe the Lord has led me to address this topic in preparation for the last days revival. It seems that the church has forgotten the biblical principles that keeps the lost separated from God. And the biblical principles that have to be followed in order to win the lost to Jesus.
This section aims to revive and reveal again those long lost principles that were used so successfully during the revivals of the early 1900’s.

 C.  The Spiritual Battleground for Souls.
               Pages 15 – 23 gives an eye opening testimony on the ‘internal battle’ for the author’s soul during three (3) salvation attempts. Thankfully the author was eventually saved on the 4th attempt and now lives to tell the tale.

 D.  Faith & The Sword of the Spirit.
               This is an amazing chapter that reveals - what the exact nature of Faith is - and how Jesus used Faith to perform His Miracles. The Sword of the Spirit that Jesus used against the Devil is also explained.  In this chapter it is also revealed how Jesus explains with exactness - what the 'Prayer of Faith' is. This chapter also reveals the scripture that explains - how Jesus received His faith from the Father.

 E.  Faith & Having Faith.
               When any man walks with the Lord there are Relationship principles that have to be observed. In walking with the Father, Jesus showed us many of these ‘protocols of God’ when dealing with the people who were seeking God’s favour. In this section - 10 of these ‘protocol Faith principles’ are revealed for your benefit.
In this section there are also 5 Miracles of Jesus revealed in detail, step by step. The process is exacting. The Prayer of faith is then explained in a greater detail.

 F. - G.  God’s Spirit Voice.
               For my first 8 years as a Christian I searched every book that I could get my hands on to try and understand how exactly we are to properly hear God’s ‘still small’ Holy Spirit Voice. Eventually, I had to ask God to show me – and I am happy to say that the exact scriptural explanation of How to hear God’s voice is now revealed.
There are 4 main areas that we need to understand in pursuing this skill.
We need to know where to LOCATE     God’s Voice.
We need to know how to    ACCESS     God’s Voice.
We need to know how to    RECOGNISE what God’s Voice is. &
We need to know how to    DISCERN   God’s Voice ( from Satan’s).

 H.  God’s Spirit Voice.
               In this section I have included some of my own experiences of what it is like to hear God. They are there for you to compare from - as God speaks to you.
We now begin to introduce the practical tasks of actually walking with the Lord, praying the Prayer of Faith and God’s success plan for evangelism.

 I.  The Christian Walk.
               This section lists and introduces the fundamental requirements that made Jesus walk with God possible.

 J.  Beginning the Christian walk.
               This section expands upon 8 basic requirements for a successful walk with God. They were gleaned from the scriptures, Jesus walk with God and the factors that contributed to the 20th Century Evangelists successes and failures.

 K.  The N.T. Ekklesia for 2010 & beyond.
               Here is revealed the aims, structure & function of the N.T. ekklesias. Every N.T. ekklesia is based on Jesus 1st ekklesia that contained Himself and the 12 disciples. The apostles, after Jesus ascension, then formed the new N.T. ekklesias. They were formed in stages of growth from the beginners to the dependent upon God stage where the Lord Himself led the meetings. There was prophesying, the prayer of faith ( healing miracles), the members heard the Spirit's voice. There was a great deal of interaction between the members and their Lord. This section explains how the group operated in the N.T. ekklesia format.

 L.  An overview of God’s Ekklesias.
               A diagrammatical explanation of how the ekklesias were formed and developed. Plus a finale example of 5 scriptural examples of Mature ekklesia members and what they looked like.



Recommended reading.  See  'The Coming Great Reformation' by Andrew Strom. A prophetical insight into the next great move of God in these last days.

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